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10 English Idioms Related to Spring (part II.)

Som tu pre vás s ďalšími 5-timi idiómami, ktoré nám pripomínajú jar.

6. A busy bee

= very active and energetic; hardworking

Frank is such a busy bee. He's always doing about five projects at once!

7. A good egg

= a good, kind person

He's a good egg, your brother - he visited me every day while I was ill.

8. A chicken and egg situation

= a situation where it’s impossible to decide which of two things existed first and which caused the other

It’s a chicken and egg situation - I don’t know whether I was bad at Maths because I wasn’t interested, or wasn’t interested and therefore was not good at the subject.

9. You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs

= it is hard to ​achieve something ​important without ​causing ​unpleasant ​effects

James: ‘We may make a lot of money if we raise our prices, but we will upset a lot of our customers’.

Tony: 'We cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs’.

10. To walk on egg shells

= to be very diplomatic and inoffensive

She is so stressed at the moment that I feel like I am walking on eggshells to avoid an argument.

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