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8 awesome idioms that´ll bring SPRING to your vocabulary

Mnohí sa už jari nevieme dočkať, a to počasie za oknami si z nás vytrvalo strieľa.

Aby - keď už konečne príde - ste boli na jar poriadne pripravení prinášame vám 8 jarných idiomov a spojení, ktoré zaručene osviežia váš slovník.

1. a spring in one’s step

= to walk with happiness, energy and confidence

There's been a ​definite spring in his ​step ​ever since he ​met Joanna.

2. to spring into action

= to move quickly into action, to suddenly burst into activity

(to spring is an irregular verb (spring- sprang – sprung)

As soon as the boss came in the door, everyone sprang into action.

3. a spring fever

= to be excited and full of energy once spring comes because the ​weather ​suddenly becomes ​warmer

The children all have spring fever these days.

4. to spring to life

= to became alive

The party always springs to life when Joanna is around.

5. full of the joys of spring

=very happy and full of energy

Even though it was October I was full of the joys of spring.

James is full of the joys of spring. Does he have a new girlfriend?

6. to be no spring chicken

= not so young anymore

She looks great, but she's no spring chicken.

7. to spring up

to appear, to sprout

The seeds we planted sprang up overnight.

8. April showers bring May flowers. (proverb)

= although rain in April is annoying, it starts the flowers growing.

Although it was an awful, rainy day, we felt cheerful, since April showers bring May flowers.

Apríl v daždi máj v kvete.

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