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The Blue Channel 

Táto stránka je o ceste karavanom po Európe. Sledujte, čo všetko s Blue po ceste zažijeme, cestujte s nami prstom na mape a pomôžte detičkám spoznať rozmanitosť Európy.

1. I want to see the sea!

2. Blue is packing!
What is he going to take with him? 

3. Blue in his caravan
How does he travel around Europe ? 

4. Blue in Hungary, Balaton

5. Blue on the road
It´s a road trip! 

6. Let´s go to the beach! 

7. Who wants a postcard? 

This is vere Blue lives.jpg

8. On a sandy beach in Italy

9. Blue in Venice


10. Blue in Cinque Terre

11. Blue goes to the mountains
   (from Italy to Switzerland)

12. Blue is riding the cable car
   (in Austria)

13. Blue is back home  

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